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Web Hosting
Our server is located in an advanced data center in Portland, ME which boasts OC-3 and DS-3 connectivity to the Internet, diverse Internet routes (AT&T, MCI, Sprint), UPS and generator assets and a trained engineering staff available 7x24. Specific highlights include 400 square feet of datacenter space, (2) 5-ton HVAC units, INERGEN(r) fire suppression system, 7x24 client access control system, environmental monitoring and alerting system.

We provide the following web services:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Perl/mod_perl
  • Analog log file analzyer

The web server runs Apache on Slackware Linux. If your site requires a service not listed, contact us -- we're happy to accomodate anything we can!

Additionally, we provide the following email services:

  • Spam filtering (optional)
  • Virus scanning
  • Unlimited aliases
  • POP3, IMAP accounts
  • Web-based email client -- check your email from anywhere!

Ready to get started?

New domain?
Register your domain with us -- only $9.95/year! Click here to begin.

Existing domain?
Transfer your domain to us -- only $9.95/year, PLUS get a free year when you transfer! Contact us to get started or for more information.

Hosting Geek Hosting Plans

Plan Monthly Transfer Disk Space Emails
Personal/ Non-Profit $4.95 1 GB 10 MB 2
Basic $9.95 5 GB 50 MB 5
Standard $14.95 10 GB 80 MB 10

Transfer $3 per 1 GB per month
Disk Space $5 per 10 MB per month
Email $1 ea per month


Plan Frequency Amount Savings
Personal/ Non-Profit Quarterly $14.85 none
Personal/ Non-Profit Yearly $49.95 $9.45
Basic Quarterly $29.85 none
Basic Yearly $109.45 $9.95
Standard Quarterly $44.85 none
Standard Yearly $164.45 $14.95

All pricing is for pre-payment.